ACOCEX in the European Commission

Our associate Mikel Paterson went to Brussels last November as a representative of ACOCEX and invited by the European Union, to present the European Commission’s trade policies for young European leaders.

This event was born from the intention of the European Commission to promote the benefits of international trade in the face of the increasing challenges and threats that the current multilateral system is facing with trade wars, countries applying protectionist policies and citizens questioning the real benefits of the agreements free trade.

More than 50 invited organizations participated in the event (NGOs, Universities, business associations, start-ups or public institutions such as chambers of commerce or commercial offices), and important personalities (Commissioner of Commerce of Europe Cecilia MALMSTRÖM, Minister of Industry of Spain Maria REYES MAROTO or WTO Deputy Director Karl BRAUNER).

You can see the video of the event here:


Aquí un PDF del evento: Descargar

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