ACOCEX has been present through its delegate in Madrid, Katia Martinez, in the institutional lunch promoted by FENAC with Mr. Juan Pablo Lázaro (President of CEIM and Vice President of CEOE), in the company of Presidents and General Secretaries of Associations and Confederations members of FENAC.

We thank FENAC once again for counting on us to highlight the value of the consulting sector and to convey to our representatives at the highest levels the importance of the internationalization of companies, as well as the need to promote and develop these processes.

We all share the challenge and the responsibility to help our SMEs to be more productive and competitive.


On April 15 and 16, ACOCEX actively participated in the IMEX Madrid 2015 fair, where it enjoyed a large exhibition and business space (the 2nd largest of the entire fair), and where it assisted companies and professionals in their internationalization concerns in various countries and sectors.

ACOCEX associates participating in this edition were:

  • Miguel Ángel Martín: International Director MEIDANE – Albania
  • Libertad Serrano: International Director IICE – Colombia and Peru
  • Ashwin Kumar: Director INDOSPAIN – India
  • Alfredo García: President of the Spanish-Nigerian Chamber – Nigeria
  • Iván de Martos: Director of the Madrid office at Ibercóndor
  • Katia Martínez: Director OPENING MARKETS… Together! – Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso
  • Patricia Sanz – EXPORTUN Director
  • Rafael Cascales: CASICO Director – China and Vietnam
The 2015 edition of IMEX in Madrid bids farewell as the best organized to date and the most successful in terms of attendance. Congratulations to the organizers, and thanks to the entire ACOCEX team that during the 2 days of the fair and the previous ones, have worked hard to achieve the success.
See you next year


On March 26th we celebrated our 10th Anniversary party. We enjoyed the presence of friends from ICEX, Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell, Bankia, Invest in Madrid, ATA, FENAC and different Chambers of Commerce, and of course colleagues from the association and collaborating companies.
Thank you all for your attendance and support, and we will certainly see you in another 10 years!
IMG_1999 decimo aniversario acocex




Last Friday, February 27, an agreement was signed between the AEC (Spanish Association for Quality) and ACOCEX, whereby the AEC, through its Center for Registration and Certification of Persons (Cerper), will act as a certification body for CICP, the exclusive professional certification of ACOCEX.

Marta Villanueva, general director of AEC and Rafael Cascales, executive president of ACOCEX made the agreement official, and expressed their willingness and intention to deepen in the field of internationalization and quality as tools for the development of Spanish companies.

FENAC’s PUSH PULL program for internationalization

ACOCEX is the entity selected by FENAC to be in charge of the technical and business aspects of FENAC’s PUSH PULL program.
PUSH PULL is a program to help the internationalization of Spanish companies structured through a cluster in which different entities contribute their expertise. ACOCEX, as specialists and experts in international trade, will cover the part of business opportunities in the internationalization of companies. Other participants are Amvos, Clarke, Modet & Cº, GrosMonserrat, Iberaudit, Llorente & Cuenca, RBT Consulting, TMF Group and Training Express.

ACOCEX meets with Secretary of State for Trade

ACOCEX was received on December 22 by the Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime García-Legaz, as well as by representatives of ICEX to study the positioning of the private sector of foreign trade consultancies. The visit is framed within the strategic plan for the internationalization of the Spanish economy, which gives the private export consultancy sector a relevant role, and where ACOCEX will be positioned significantly.


ACOCEX in its strategy of expansion and promotion of the internationalization of Spanish companies has joined FENAC (National Federation of Associations of Consulting, Offices and Services) in order to establish a direct channel of communication with reference institutions such as CEOE or ICEX.


ACOCEX promotes the creation of INFEBEX, the first international trade federation in the world. INFEBEX is born with the vocation to bring together all the agents involved in foreign trade and to become the reference entity worldwide, so that associations, companies and professionals can count on a single group capable of representing them before institutions and governments.

MAPFRE and ACOCEX begin their alliance

MAPFRE and ACOCEX have signed a collaboration agreement whereby MAPFRE’s client companies will be able to benefit from exclusive rates for all their initiatives, consultations and internationalization issues. The project is a pioneering one for Spain’s leading insurance company and will mean that ACOCEX will be the point of reference for the international activities of a large number of companies in Spain.