Closure in Madrid of the PUSH PULL France Youth Program

Last Tuesday, July 12, the closing of the “PUSH PULL” France Youth Program, financed by the General Directorate of Migration and executed by FENAC with the collaboration of ACOCEX, took place at the CEOE headquarters in Madrid.

The event was attended by Mr. Joaquín Alonso from FENAC, de Ms. Katia Martínez from ACOCEX and, very especially, Ms. Leyre Quesada and Mr. Francisco Guichard, two of the three students who, having completed the program of training, presented the best business ideas and won a free trip and stay in Madrid to present them to potential investors. The third award-winning student, Ms. María García, was unable to attend the closing session due to scheduling problems.

During the first part of the event, the “PUSH PULL” program was presented, brief brushstrokes were given on the commercial relations between France and Spain and the extreme importance that, in the interest of the internationalization of Spanish companies, has, not only mastering the language, the applicable legislation, etc., but also knowing the market first-hand to know “how it breathes”.

The second part of the event was dedicated to the presentation of the business ideas of the winning students: the promotion and commercialization of trampoline parks by Ms. Leyre Quesada, and the creation and implementation in France of a new concept fast and healthy restoration imbued with the character of Spanish tapas, by D. Francisco Guichard.

The day ended with a Spanish wine during which the young people were congratulated by the attendees and were able to talk with investors and professionals interested in their projects.

To see the broadcast of the presentation, click here.

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