PUSH PULL France Youth Program

Last Wednesday, May 25, the in-person training session on international entrepreneurship of the “PUSH PULL” Youth Program, financed by the General Directorate of Migration, and executed by FENAC with the collaboration of ACOCEX, was held at the Cervantes Institute in Bordeaux.

The conference was attended by Mr. Conrado Lozano, Chancellor of the Consulate of Spain in Bordeaux, Ms. Katia Martínez from ACOCEX, and Joaquín Alonso from FENAC. Representatives of the companies “El Ganso”, “Jamón, Jamón”, and the creator of the Facebook group “Españoles en Bordeaux”, which now has more than 2,000 members, also shared their experiences.

It was a meeting space in which inspiring experiences were shared to encourage young Spaniards living in France to make the most of their knowledge of various languages ​​and various cultures to set up their own businesses, or to provide extremely important added value to companies. companies that want to internationalize.

The event ended with a successful and very dynamic networking event around a succulent Spanish wine.

The “PUSH PULL” Youth Program is still open to the latest registrations for free online training.

Registration at: http://formacionfrancia.fenac.es/ or by writing to the email: [email protected].

The finishing touch of the Program will take place in Madrid on June 29 when the students of the three best business ideas will travel to Madrid for free to present them to potential investors.

Some comments from the attendees:

Susanna Mart: It was a very motivating talk both in the technical aspect and in the testimonies of those brave Spaniards who told us about their projects and business experiences. I encourage all of you to sign up. It will not leave you indifferent!

Tamara Mrtnz Graña: Very interesting! Thank you very much for the organization! And a pleasure to meet so many Spaniards and with such incredible projects!

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