As fate would have it, a conversation that started in one way, ended in the invitation to create a Collaborative Blog among ACOCEX members on Economics and International Markets. Excellent!

The development of Spanish SMEs and thinking internationally is the most real solution that this country has to get out of the crisis that slows the growth of many of our companies.

The origin of Foreign Trade is economic and natural, since it was born out of the need to sell and share, to make products available to the world, which has allowed mankind to develop the economy since agriculture existed.

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The growth of the activity is also economic, since international expansion has no limits and is a consequence of the exponential growth of the world population, mainly in industrialized countries. At present, the problem is generated in developed countries, which are supposed to have the duty to educate and bring the world’s population forward, to put an end to underdevelopment and misunderstanding between cultures. Internationalization, together with sports, is probably what will save us from dehumanization.

The solution can only be a joint one, of an economic, legislative and political nature that resolves the competitive conflicts between developed and emerging nations. It must allow the growing population to improve their quality of life and escape poverty without renouncing their identity. But that eradicates conformism and stagnation. There is no room left for not exporting, for not trusting qualified professionals, for not investing in what is almost certainly a rewarding return.

Our intention with this blog is to publish intelligent entries, varied in subject matter, easy to read and understand, that make us learn from little to much. Not without first thanking the management of ACOCEX for giving us their digital space to join and raise awareness among the citizens of this country rich in human resources, agribusiness, textiles, biosciences and services of the importance of internationalizing properly.

We will be looking at all kinds of international issues that concern us, with the aim of generating reactions and trying to convince as many people as possible that the international development of SMEs is a latent need and that, if we do not act in time, we will end up putting the future of our national industry at serious risk.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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